Keaotamai, LLC

I’m working to change the way our cities are built, understood, and lived in.

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MY work

Over the last seven years I’ve taken on work that intersects with construction, architecture, historic preservation, and urban design. These opportunities have allowed me to manage complex projects, engage with residents, and organize teams.

I currently offer construction management services as well as community engagement and team trainings for those looking to embrace a new perspective in their work through Keaotamai, LLC.

Outside of this entity I serve as the CEO of Ticco, a community of people shaping cities. My work is currently divided between Portland, OR and Southern California, and I am frequently found in both locations as I meet with community members, partners, and clients.

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I work with property owners, local governments, and real estate developers to assist them with unique properties facing special circumstances. Specializing in building moves, I serve as a consulting construction manager or project manager to plan and oversee the relocation of historic resources.


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Ticco is a community of early-career professionals who work with cities, communities, and the built environment. Over the past year I have planned and supervised the development of Ticco’s custom online platform. Ticco is currently open to members, and has a base of professionals in more than 15 disciplines.


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I travel to conferences and community events to speak about the importance of engaging young professionals, the need for inter-disciplinary collaboration, and the importance of pooling our knowledge and resources in today’s inter-generational workplaces. I am available to come and lead staff or team trainings, and to speak at events in regards to these subjects.