Katie Rispoli Keaotamai
I’m working to change the way our cities are built, understood, and lived in.
Over the last eight years I’ve taken on work that intersects with real estate development, historic preservation, construction, architecture, and urban planning. These opportunities have allowed me to manage complex projects, engage with residents, and organize teams.
I began working in construction in 2012, and since then I've had the privilege of relocating multiple historic buildings. These have ranged from one-room commercial structures (hello, Taco Bell Numero Uno!) to multi-story residences. However, I've done more than manage projects. Often, I have also prepared cultural resource reports and environmental assessments in order to obtain necessary permits and land entitlements.
On every project I seek opportunities to weave in my passion for civic engagement, equitable transportation, affordable housing, and climate resiliency.
In my work I often work with government agencies, real estate developers, architects, engineers, historic preservationists, urban planners, transportation professionals, contractors, and community members. These experiences have taught me that we all can see eye-to-eye, and our work is more successful when we do.
These days you can find me in Beaverton, OR as I work with small businesses and property owners to strengthen Beaverton's downtown in my new role as the City's Development Project Coordinator. I also continue to manage Ticco, an online network for people who shape cities!
I'm always happy to connect with a fellow professional, or lend insight to someone interested in pursuing a similar career path. Get in touch!