Long Beach (2020)
North Long Beach, a multicultural neighborhood, is underrepresented in the community's history and historic preservation efforts. With little to no historic preservation programs and only a small number of designated buildings, I wanted to create a project that could highlight the unique history of this underrated area and showcase stories that would resonate with residents from all backgrounds.

Over the course of the project I partnered with a university so students could conduct research, worked with a design firm to design vinyl sidewalk decals and related signage, coordinated with local government agencies and elected officials to obtain permissionsfacilitated four public outreach events to seek community inputinstalled the decals, and led two walking tours.
Student Research Project

To complete the project, students researched the history of North Long Beach and drafted the language that would eventually be printed on vinyl decals. I additionally trained students on public outreach strategies and worked with them to carry out a number of outreach events in order to get feedback and input from North Long Beach residents.
Explore the project website at lbtimeline.com

The project was installed with assistance from Long Beach Heritage, and remained active along Atlantic Avenue for a period of three months.
Overall, the project spanned nearly a full mile and covered the highly-traveled sidewalk between Jordan Highschool and the Michelle Obama Public Library.