With my experience in project management, urban planning, community engagement, and historic preservation, these are just a few of the skills I can bring to the table:
Completing cultural resource and environmental assessments (With a Historic Preservation-equivalent master's degree, I am qualified to prepare cultural resource and select environmental assessments per the Secretary of the Interior's standards) 
Collaboration-building and conflict mediation among project partners, community stakeholders, and contractors
Managing client requests and communications
Conducting research for policy assessments and legal documents
Managing project budgets and schedules
Building websites for projects
Creating brand identities and logos for projects
Designing activities for community engagement events
Formatting in InDesign, Word, etc.
Managing, training, and onboarding interns and entry-level staff
Naming and developing taglines for projects
Preparing materials for community engagement events (let's cut dots!)
Preparing proposals
Presenting projects to community stakeholders
Preparing responses to RFPs
Tabling at events or Facilitating public outreach meetings
Translating the vision or thoughts of Principals or senior leadership into a proposal, document, or brand
Working collaboratively with clients
Writing design guidelines 
Writing or drafting general plan elements